Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! This page answers many frequently asked questions about Romania Profit. These responses represent the views of the staff representing Romania Profit Management.

To become Romania Profit investor you must first become a member of romaniaprofit.com. for Romania Profit account, once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can using your username and password supplied during signup.

You can open a free Perfectmoney account here: for your perfect money investment
You can open a free Bitcoin account here: for your bitcoin investment
You can open a free Payeer account here: for your Payeer investment
You can also contact us for other type of deposit options

It's quite easy and convenient. click on , supply your details and you are in!

We accept PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin e-currencies at the moment. If we can, other e-currencies can be add on request.

Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section.

Funds are added on automatic, as soon as deposit are made via Bitcoin, Payeer or perfect money your account will be update with fund instantly.

Log into your romaniaprofit.com account and click on the edit account link under the "Account Information" section. You can change your password there. To change your email address you must contact us using our page and tell us the reason why you have to change your email. As soon as our support team verify that account truly belong to you we shall proceed and change your email address.

Click link, type your email and you'll receive your account information. direct into your email address

No, profits are gathered on your romaniaprofit.com account and you can withdraw them anytime.

Depending on each plan. Interest on your romaniaprofit.com account is acquired Daily and credited to your available balance at the end of each day on 24 hours investment plans. Other plan profits are added into account balance at the end of investment period of 3 days and 5 days respectively.

Yes! To make a deposit from your romaniaprofit.com account balance Simply login into your account and click on Make Deposit and select the Deposit from Account Balance option button. This option will appear only if you have enough fund in your account balance to cover investment minimum.

No! deposit below minimum is not allowed such deposit is consider as donation but if our team can proof that deposit minimum violation is a mistake from investors and not intentional then we correct the error using our automatic procedure.

Yes, you can but all transactions are handled separately.

Withdrawal request is always submitted to us as soon as you made them, and all request are treated 12 times every single day ( all callender days). Every member has maximum of 2 hours to wait for fund to arrive in their eccurency account.

It's very important for you to know that our team is very efficient in risk management and we shall do all we can to prevent member from direct lost of fund. We never expose our member deposit to direct risk, We have enough cash reserve to protect our members from direct risk.

You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.

No. If we find that one member has more that one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

A deposit is only consider active after we receive fund transfer into our e-currency/crypto-currency account. We wait a maximum of 3 hours to confirm your crypto-currency transfer. Kindly contact us if your crypto-currency deposit take more than 3 hours to confirm for manual activation.

We are register company and our team is made up of expert from various field which we assemble to make your investment safe and yield profit at stipulated time.